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Propose to your users the comfort of the print on request. Launch a print and print your documents to the printer of your choice, where you need it, with confidentiality. And save money !!

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Payment of copies and prints, on line by bank card,pre paid card, with Moneo. Reloading of cards or accounts, financial monitoring, management of quotas everything is in Gespage

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Manage your user per volume, type of documents costs, payments. Make access rights to your machines, to the colour print. Create groups, departments, connect up to ten LDAP directories or Active Directory !


the access

The access to copiers and printers by a personal password or a badge ensures security and privacy, enabling also Print on Demand. more ...

& Payments

For schools or communities, it is important to apply quotas or to pay for copies. Gespage enables to set up a cost recovery policy transforming your cost centers to profit centers more ...

a fleet.

Reliable, accurate and dynamic data maintain a fleet of machines in optimal operating conditions ... more ...


With the growing use of tablets and smartphones at the university or at the office, printing from these devices is no longer a widget, it is an imperative ... more ...


Gespage is based on a whole new architecture which suits perfectly to multiple sites and to a single server ... more ...


Gespage is actively involved in environment by providing an equivalence of unprinted pages with green data such as CO2 rate and trees saved. more ...