Multi-Technology contactless or proximity card USB readers, compatible with most cards on the market with MIFARE® and 125 Khz technology

Connectable to cPad, or embedded terminals


TCM4 compatible with the new IZLY student card which is implemented by CROUS in French universities to replace the Moneo card.

Thanks to this system, students can pay for their copies and prints.


Contactless or proximity card readers, compatible with the vast majority of cards on the market in 13.56 Mhz or 125 Khz technology.

Connectable to cPad, or on-board terminals


CPAD terminal is intended to be used with printing solutions. 7 inch touch screen and user-friendly interface make it a terminal with high commercial potential and technology, enabling the development of many “kiosks” available to developers through its open architecture.

The access can be secured by a code or by cards (optional readers TCM3, TCMA2-USB, TCRS).