Gespage business printing software is designed for companies whatever their size. Its architecture is designed for simple to complex deployments. For a small quantity of machines, a Gespage server will drive networked equipments as well as those connected in USB on client workstations. For more complex deployments having many sites and a great quantity of machines, the « Server-Agents » technology is used to drive from a Gespage server and Gespage Agents will communicate with this server but will support the print jobs locally thus avoiding the comings and goings of files from remote sites.

It is also an economic advantage since the local agents are not charged. Local agents can therefore be installed as much as required. Gespage for the Company, this is also the management and the optimization of print flows thanks to redirection rules. This function provides flexibility of use and reduces print costs. Indeed, an impression can be redirected if it contains one of the following conditions:

  • If the number of pages is higher than X pages, redirect to the printer Z.
  • If the price of the document is higher than X Euros, redirect to the printer Z.
  • If the size is X, redirect to the printer Z (X could be for example A0).
  • If the ink is X, redirect to the printer Z (X could be colour or Black & White.


Another very attractive functionality for companies

This function, integrated into the existing function of print on request, consists in sending a print to a common print queue where it will remain locked until it is unlocked by its owner after his identification on any machine attached to Gespage. It also enables to send prints from a Gespage server to another even if the servers are on « insulated » Vlan. The redirection function is also applied to the Print2me functions in the following conditions:

  • If redirection = « no » a document sent to this printer will be released only on this printer, but this printer will print documents from other compatible printers.
  • If redirection = « Local Print2me» a document sent to this printer will be released on a compatible printer located on the same print server.
  • If redirection = « Global Print2me a document sent to this printer will be released on a compatible printer located on any print server.

Finally, a part Reports & Statistics completes the list of the many functions of Gespage. There are reports on the volumes and costs by equipment, user, department, group, but also statistics and graphs on the type of documents.

Client reference


With more than 230 multifunction devices managed by eTerminals and TCM3 contactless badge readers, spread over 2 sites with Gespage Remote. Gespage has made it possible to set up a centralized printing policy, with a secure solution in the event of an outage network between the different print servers.

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