Gespage includes a function of quota and payment of copies and printing as a Printing payment solutions

Printing payment solutions

Three ways to make pay for copies and prints :

  • The QUOTA function enables a quantity of pages to be assigned to a user or a department. Once the quota has been reached, the user or the department will no longer be able to copy or print until the quota is reloaded. Gespage enables simultaneous management of 3 quotas 3: user quota, department quota, job quota.
  • The PREPAYMENT function allows a user to buy a credit that will be associated with his account. It may be a value in Euros (or other currency). The purchase may be covered either manually with the help of a local operator or a Web platform by means of a credit card. This credit will be used on the base of prices per page set in Gespage.
  • The FEE FOR SERVICE PAYMENT function enables copies and printings to be paid «Fee For service» by means of an electronic purse like Cartadis privatives cards,IZLY or Moneo cards.

A solution suiting to universities

  • Gespage enables a real-time budget monitoring with or without quotas.
  • Data exportable to Excel. Setting of limits (quantities, B&W, colour…) per profile.
  • Tracking per person, service, department, class or cross project.
  • The ideal tool for managing teachers teaching several subjects. Setting of limited or unlimited accounts is possible.
  • An investment made profitable as operating expenses are decreased.
  • Tracking and analysis of the machine fleet for printing cheaply according to your need or removing useless machines.
  • The reduction of the output volumes is beneficial to the planet.
Printing payment solutions 1 • Gespage

Web Payment Module

Enables the Gespage account to be reloaded by bank card from a secure payment site.