Optimization and print redirection

For document management and optimizing your printer and multifunction fleet, rules may be set. Gespage features 3 types of rules for the implementation of an efficient policy of prints economically and environmentally.

  • Redirection rule:The user is informed that his document is redirected to a more effective device, or more economical, or to the repro service or to the trash if the document does not have to be printed,
document management
  • Suggestion rule: It is proposed to the user to redirect his document (to another printer, the repro service or the trash)
Gespage Print Pop Up suggestion rules
  • Forcing rule: The user is informed that his document will be modified to Black and White and/or Duplex.
Gespage Enforced rules

Conditions of the rules

This is the launching condition of the rule, Gespage has 5 rules in standard :

  • ” If page number is greater than “
  • ” If paper format is ” (for example: “A3”)
  • ” If ink is ” (for example: “colour”)
  • ” If file name matches ” (enables all emails or photos to redirected, for example)
  • ” If job cost is greater than “

With the Script tool, Gespage is able to offer tailored rules based on, for example, users or the period and then generate specific actions. For example: “Between 8h and 18h, if someone in the group “Temporary Users” sends a print over 100 pages, alert the administrator by email”.

Document management 1 • Gespage

Notifications to the users

At an event such as the application of a rule or for the payment of an impression, Gespage informs the user. The message can be communicated as a PopUp window or by email. A PopUp message may simply be informative or request for a validation.

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