Gespage Mobile is a secure mobile print solution that allows users to easily print documents from their laptop, smartphone or tablet via a web portal, an application (Android or iOS) or simply by sending an email. No need to be connected to the structure of the network, or even install a print driver!

User Web Interface

The user connects to an interface, directly by using his login / password of the directory or via the Central Authentication Service (CAS) for the universities.  

Mobile print

Sending documents via the interface

From this interface, the user can upload documents that he can release from the printer of his choice.

Mobile print

Sending documents by email

Users send their documents for printing as an attachment of an email to a dedicated address.

Mobile print

Sending documents by application

Mobile print 1 • Gespage

Discover our new Gespage mobile application, available on Android and iOS, providing an exceptional user experience directly from your smartphone or tablet.

– Easily check your account and explore your history, including your credits and transactions.

– Authenticate yourself on printers via a QR Code, ensuring an instant and secure connection.

– Easily print images, documents, and photos.

– Set printing parameters according to your preferences: format, number of copies, duplex printing, and much more…

– Scan documents with ease and make necessary edits directly from the application.

– Make quick copies.

– Collaborate effectively by instantly sharing your work with colleagues and partners.

– Gain a detailed view of the environmental impact of your jobs for a more responsible use.

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