Embedded terminal Xerox is a Gespage software module dedicated to Xerox EIP (Extensible Interface Platform)/ ConnectKey MFPs. This module uses the integrated touch screen of the MFP. Xerox eTerminal does not support the 57xx, 71xx and 74xx ranges.

This module enables an authentication at the MFP to provide the following functions :

  • Secure release at the print point (Print2me)
  • Tracking of the copying and scanning Scan to me service to personal email.
  • Authentication on the MFP may be carried out by keypad or card.
  • Intuitive interface

The user selects the service wished, if the icon is marked with a small key that means that access is subject to authentication.

Disconnection is made via the key (on the panel) or by selecting « Log out » after having clicked on the user name.

If the server configuration provides the association of a card by a user, he must perform a standard keyboard login after having passed his new card.

The eTerminal automatically configures the email of the user when he is authenticated on the MFP. Scans can therefore be made and sent directly to the personal email of the user.