What are Gespage benefits compared to the competition?

Gespage has 35 years of experience on the market of quota management, and payment applied to office automation. With an advanced knowledge of the customer requirements but also the user behaviors, we define simplified user paths. Gespage relies on Cartadis equipments for offering to the Gespage solution an unmatched flexibilty of adaptation to customer configurations. Choose Gespage means choosing the customer satisfaction from a solution adaptable to the existing prerequisites at the customer, and not to change its customer to the prerequisites required for the solution. The license structuring by point of printing gives to Gespage a leading price competitiveness, whatever the fleet size of the final customer.

What is the license structure for the Gespage servers?

Gespage licenses are determined by the number of printing points managed by the system. The optional modules (Web-Payment) are subject to additional licenses.

Can we use the existing copy cards with Gespage solution ?

Gespage is compatible with all Cartadis cards and most of cards already in use. Just connect the terminals fitting with the selected technology: Cartadis magnetic cards or ISO ; MIFARE RFID contactless cards ; Chip cards.

Can we use our LDAP / Active Directory to manage the Gespage user accounts?

Gespage manages the automatic synchronization of accounts and groups from Active Directory and other LDAP databases. Users not listed in LDAP may also be added or data imported from a database (CSV, SQL …).

What are the types of printers supported by Gespage?

Gespage is compatible with most printers on the market that use PCL5, PCL6 and Postscript, TCP / IP and Direct Jet.

What is the meaning of the expression Print2me?

The Print2me is a function that allows a user to release his print on the machine of this own choice at the last moment, as long as it is connected to the network.

What do we mean by secured printing?

Secured printing means that the document is not stored in the printer and accessible to all, but may be printed by the user once identified at the printer. So no one can print his document except him nor see the title in the queue.

Can I credit a Gespage account by bank card?

Yes, thanks to the Web-Payment additional module, you can credit your Gespage account and pay by credit card or Paypal account directly on a dedicated site, secured.

Can I print to Gespage from the web?

Yes, thanks to Gespage Mobile additional module: you download the document via a dedicated website, send your document by email or use our IOS or Android applications and, whenever you wish, you get your document at the printer of your choice.

Does Gespage manage local printers of USB type?

The most common architecture in the middle and large networks is built on one or more print servers that host printers made available to users. Nevertheless, Gespage is also at ease to manage local printers, you just have to install the Gespage agent for Windows or Linux on the stations concerned.

How Gespage can help me to finalize a sale?

Gespage sales teams accompany you to the end customer by sending you a marketing content personalized to your customer, essential elements so that your contact can convince the decision-maker internally.

A remote demonstration, through split screens, allows to Gespage teams to answer to all technical and use questions that the caller could ask and rightly convince him of the strong partnership Gespage – retailers. Helped by our teams, you can focus calmly and efficiently in your core business!

Where is located the Gespage hotline?

The Gespage hotline is located in Fontenay-sous-bois (France). Since they are located in the next office, our experienced hotliners receive an immediate support from the engineers developing Gespage in case problems cannot be solved by our standard procedures but nevertheless combining 10 years of experience in the installation and maintenance solutions.

Is Gespage a solution only dedicated to payment in public places?

No, our experience in public places gives us a thorough knowledge of the most demanding applications (payment, user paths, coexistence of user profiles and very different customers, reliability and longevity of the solution), this Gespage experience has been gained for supporting companies and administrations. This gives us a practical approach and flexibility of use and design to satisfy the most demanding management accountants, users less comfortable with such technologies, and provide a very significant service of increasing productivity and reduction of costs. Environmental awareness has also become our workhorse long before this theme has come to the media spotlight. Our approach from the world of education, our educational process with a sense of service, applies with excellence to the world of administrations and companies.

How can I evaluate the Gespage software?

You can download a trial version from the site www.gespage.com. The software will run with all its functionalities for 60 days long. Beyond this period, it will run with a limitation on the size of documents to be printed, but it will remain functional for other aspects.

All solutions point out significant savings and an attractive ROI: what is the reality?

With a 3% cost of the turnover of companies, costs for printing are the gross margin that can be found directly in the profits thanks to the management solutions of copies and prints. Gespage differs on this subject by the price competitiveness of its structure of licenses, but also the efficiency of its educational process and cost awareness of copying for users. The technolgical optimization of the fleet is a particularly strong feature of Gespage with redirection rules and a load balancing approach that lead to very real savings. It is estimated that 15% of the pages printed can be saved through our Pop Up window of awareness, the ability to delete documents before printing up to the MFP, but especially with our reporting tools for promoting good practices in an educational process educational.

What are the prerequisites to use Gespage?

Gespage is supplied in the form of a software. The equipment power impacts the ability of the server to provide the prints quickly. However, for simple environments, a desktop PC with 4Gb Ram and 50 Gb of disk space is sufficient.

Which OS are supported by Gespage ?

Gespage solution must be deployed on a Windows or a Linux server. Nevertheless, Gespage supports all user operating systems that can print via Samba or LPR / LPD, including Mac OS, Linux and Windows.