The dispenser

Reloading print accounts 1 • Gespage

The DRC10 system is optional equipment of the Gespage solution, it is connected to the server via a TCP/IP network. It enables user accounts to be both created and reloaded but also contactless cards to be sold.

In a Gespage environment, registered users can reload their account by coin and/or banknote according to the models.
Users are identified by entering a Login / Password from the touchscreen or by passing a contactless card through the integrated reader.
For new users of the service, the DRC10 automatically creates and distributes a card associated with an anonymous account that the user can customize by accessing to the web interface.
This account gives the user the possibility to print and make copy throughout the fleet of MFP managed by the Gespage solution.

The DRC10 advantages for the user

  • A full “self-service” operation of the copy and print service.
  • An intuitive and ergonomic touchscreen that allows the display of the user credit and prices.
  • Reloading of accounts by using coins and/or banknotes.
  • Full “self-service” account creation.
  • Full “self-service” account creation.
  • Quick authentication by contactless card or via the ergonomic keyboard.
  • Amount for free reloading with graduated tariff.

The DRC10 advantages for the administrator

  • An autonomous copy and print service without staff requirement.
  • From the Gespage interface of the server, setting of prices for account reloading with degressive price available and card dispensing with, possibly, a credit associated to their account.
  • Reliable and rugged system.
  • Viewing of sales statistics from the touchscreen.
  • Detailed statistics such as: turnover over a period and total, number of cards sold, amounts reloaded on accounts, number of banknotes collected …
  • Interface and home screen customizable to the image of the service provider image.
Reloading print accounts 2 • Gespage

Example of use

Cartadis DRC10 is especially suitable for a use in schools, public or university libraries.
Students buy a card associated to an account, reload their account from the dispenser and use this credit on all the copiers of the different sites of the establishment.

CR10 characteristic

The CR10 is identical to DRC10 without card dispensing. It enables GESPAGE user accounts to be both created and reloading print accounts.

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