printing roi

The purpose of Gespage software is to first measure the print volume of your fleet of printers and copiers and calculate the total cost. But how Gespage will act to obtain a significant reduction of these costs and what will be Printing ROI (Return On Investment) ? 

Reminders of printing ROI :

  • Printing costs on average 3% of a company turnover
  • Most companies do not know exactly how much it costs for printing
  • Most companies do not even know how many machines are operating on their fleet

Gespage will help you to make significant savings through three standard functions of the product

set up of filters and rules

For a good printing ROI,the first function that generates saving is the set up of filters and rules. A filter can be set up so that any document sent to a printer A, will be redirected to a printer B if it contains pages exceeding a certain number or if the cost of the document exceeds a certain level. In this equation, the filter would be “if the document contains more than xx pages”, then the rule “redirect to the printer B” should apply, with notification to the user that his document has been redirected to the printer B. The average gain is about 2% of the annual volume.

Print2me set up

The second function is the Print2me set up. This function gives a new dimension i. e. access control to equipments. Each MFP or printer is fitted with an authentication system that can be an embedded interface or a simple card reader. Prints remain locked on the Gespage server. To unlock, the user must be identified with his access code or his card or tag. He can get on the screen of the MFP, the list of his print jobs with the name, the number of pages, the cost.

He can read other information like his credit or balance of pages. The user can release one or more impressions. He can also delete prints without having to go back to his desk. Gespage automatically erases all jobs that have not been printed after a time set. Immediate consequence: no more storage of documents in the output tray that are never recovered. This function brings a maximum saving that is to say nearly 15% of the annual volume of prints. 

the behavior of users

The setting up of Gespage will change the behavior of users and spontaneously limit their personal prints. The result may vary according to the companies but the average recorded gives a rate of 3 to 5% of prints saved.

Examples of printing ROI

Equipments installed50
Nbr of users500
Annual B&W volume275 000
Annual colour volume77 000
Page B&W total Cost Owner0.008 €
Page Colour Total Cost Owner0.06 €
Nbr of B&W pages per day/user25
Nbr of colour pages per day/user7
Nbr working days per month22
B&W Print month cost2 200 €
Colour print month cost4 620 €
Paper month cost2 112 €
Total print cost8 932 €
Gespage licenses1 564 €
Embedded modules10 500 €
Total cost of acquisition12 064 €
Saving via Gespage2 233 € (20% of the volume)
(Return On Investment)
5.4 months

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