The embedded terminal Canon is a Gespage software module dedicated to Canon MFPs. This module operates the integrated touch screen of the MFP.

This module enables authentication at the MFP level to provide the following functions:

  • Secure printing with user identification by: login / password, PIN code, RFID card.
  • Print2me function.
  • Modification of the job properties (forcing print in B&W, duplex or modification of the number of copies).
  • User-friendly selection of documents to print.
  • Payment and uploading to the Gespage Impressions server (including USB), copies and scans made.
  • Advanced scan by email.
  • Implementation of access rights for the copy, print (NB, color) and scan functions.
  • Management and configuration of the terminal from a user-friendly web interface.
  • Customizable interface
  • Zero Stop Copies function
  • Compatible with Gespage 8.2.2 and higher versions.
  • Required MEAP platform, version 3.

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