The major changes of this version are: 

  • Corrected accounting of prints

This mode provides a more reliable accounting of prints. It corrects accounting with a post-count of what the MFP really prints. Available on Toshiba and Sharp only. 

  • Reports by printer groups.

This new way of filtering by user group and / or printer group enables accounting report to be recovered by geographical location (agency or floor for example) or gathering of users.

  • Setting of print profiles in Gespage Mobile

Setting up print email addresses with simplified direct print settings.

  • New RICOH eTerminal on SmartSDK platform

Optimal support for Ricoh SOP MFPs with interface upgrading. Prints via USB are now counted in Gespage reports.

  • New HP eTerminal on FutureSmart 4 Enterprise platformGESPAGE VERSION 8.0.0 IS NOW AVAILABLE 1 • Gespage