Universal Print from Microsoft 1 • Gespage

Gespage include the support of Universal Print.

Universal Print is the new print solution offered by Microsoft through their cloud services. After having been available in preview mode during several months, this service was release for production by Microsoft in beginning of March 2021.

Universal Print is part of the Microsoft Azure architecture and its goal is to replace the need for on-premises print servers. Nevertheless, for the moment, unless a printer is natively universal-print compatible, the need for an on-premises print server remains required to install the Universal Print connector software.

Users can print to a Universal Print printer without the need to install printer drivers. The spool files are stored in the Microsoft cloud.

Use of Universal Print services is subject to Microsoft license

Universal Print from Microsoft 2 • Gespage

When using Universal Print, the goal of Gespage and its eTerminals remains the same as usual:

  • Provide print2me and access control features.
  • Provide scan2me feature.
  • Provide reporting in order to reduce the cost of the copies and prints.

Technically, most of Universal Print integration in Gespage 8.2.3 is done through a new Gespage agent dedicated to Universal Print. In the most common configuration, the Gespage Universal Print agent, the Microsoft connector and printers must be installed on-premises. The Gespage server can be installed locally or in the public or private cloud.

Universal Print and its integration in Gespage leads nevertheless some limitations, please contact Cartadis to get more information.