New version 8.2.4 of Gespage 1 • Gespage

1 – This version of the Cartadis print management software now includes the Kyocera embedded software. This Kyocera eTerminal v1.7.1.0 includes:

  • The new Gespage main menu and shortcuts to Gespage print, Gespage scan, Copy, and MFP home menu.
  • New Gespage advanced scan screen.
    • Scanning destinations are configured through Gespage Flow feature (scan to email, scan to directory, scan to drive).
    • Provide a quick scan function and an advanced scan function (with selection of scanning options).
    • The default scan settings can be configured in Gespage
New version 8.2.4 of Gespage 2 • Gespage

2 – Mobile printing

  • For mobile printing through email, it is now possible to setup the profile to use the direct printing mode without printing the email body.

3 – Advanced scan

  • Various improvement to OCR management.