1. Server
  • Add a new menu to Azure AADDS user synchronization.
  • New version 12.9 of PostgreSQL.
  • Improvement of security with Log4J library in v2.17.1.
  • Improvement of the speed of the mobile print job management.
  • Improvement of import-export and license management.
  1. eTerminals
  • eTerminal Kyocera

▪ Better A3 scan management.

▪ Better manage memory usage on multiple pages scans.

  • eTerminal Lexmark

▪ Improve the session timeout on the application pages.

  • eTerminal Xerox

▪ Improve accounting for USB printing.

  • eTerminal Toshiba

▪ Enhancement about the Gespage Mobile button.

  • eTerminal HP

▪ Enhancement about zero stop copy functionality.