New Version 9.0 of Gespage 1 • Gespage

We are pleased to present the new version of Gespage V9.0.

1. New features:

New UI

  • More intuitive and user-friendly design, facilitating print management.
  • The left side menu provides faster access to Gespage functions.
  • A new Document menu has been added for mobile print and scan configuration.
New Version 9.0 of Gespage 2 • Gespage

Printer aggregation

  • Multiple print queues on different servers are grouped under a single printer configuration.
  • Ability to install printers and agents on user workstations to eliminate print servers.
  • Ability to share the same eTerminal between separate networks.


  • eTerminal Ricoh

– Screens updated to follow standard Gespage eTerminal design

– Added advanced scan functions

– Added ability to display custom logo

New Version 9.0 of Gespage 3 • Gespage

2. enhancements:

  • A better performance
  • Increased security
  • More deployment flexibility to integrate with the most complex network configurations.

Gespage 9.0.0 features

Release Notes Gespage V9