New version Gespage 8.2.1 1 • Gespage

This new, version provide the advanced scan features for the eTerminal Sharp and a new design of the Lexmark interface.

1 – New eTerminal SHARP

1.1 New menu in the interface

A new Gespage main menu has been added. This following screen is displayed after the login with the name of user, the Home icon to  go to the Sharp Home screen and the following
3 buttons.

  • PRINT : to go to the Gespage print screen as previous version after the login
  • SCAN : to go to a new page for Scan, with the description below

OTHER : to go to the Sharp Copy screen and others MFP functions

New version Gespage 8.2.1 2 • Gespage

1.2 Advanced Scan

The new Gespage SCAN Menu has been added to simplify the use of the Scan Flow features introduced with Gespage 8.1 for all MFP brands. All the Scan Flow features are possible more intuitively with the new advanced scan features.

New version Gespage 8.2.1 3 • Gespage

Provide a quick scan function (with default settings being displayed) or an advanced scan function (with selection of scanning options).

1.3 Offline mode

if there is a server network shutdown, it is generally not possible to use Gespage and therefore to authenticate on the MFP. By using the full capabilities of Sharp machines, Cartadis has developed a function allowing authentication even after a server shutdown.
Copies and USB Prints during this period are not counted in Gespage.

2 – New eTerminal LEXMARK

2.1 New User Interface

New version Gespage 8.2.1 4 • Gespage