Embedded terminal Ricoh is a Gespage software module dedicated to Ricoh MFPs. This module uses the integrated touch screen of the MFP.

This module enables an authentication at the MFP to provide the following functions :

  • User authentication by : Login, Login/ Password, PIN code, RFID card. Print2me function.
  • Modification of the job properties (forcing to B&W printing, duplex or change the number of copies).
  • User-friendly selection of the documents to print.
  • Payment and sending to Gespage server of prints, copies and scans performed.
  • Scan to Me service by email or home directory.
  • Management and accounting of the scans to email of the user and to a restricted address book.
  • Setting of access rights for the specific use to each User or User group Management and configuration of the terminal from a user-friendly Web interface.
  • The field “From:” of the emails is filled in automatically with the user’s name.

Gespage embedded terminal Ricoh is compatible with all Ricoh MFPs from SDK J/10.

Cartadis card readers providing a secure access to your systems, are compatible with all Ricoh MFPs that support a badge reader

Cartadis or Ricoh support may inform you about the compatibility of your printer / MFP.

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